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Feb 14, 2018

Unlike other comments here I found the book completely engaging in spite of Dan using his typical 'formula' of Langdon and a woman both chasing and being chased. The addition of a visionary tech mogul who brings up the renown questions of where we came from and will head via AI is brilliant in itself. Having read all of his books, this one rates as high if not higher than his most popular "DaVinci Code". And Langdon as always proves his ability to decipher even the most challenging codes or symbols which in this book are shown graphically. Highly recommended.

tomato Feb 03, 2018

A very good, light read. Emphasis on "light". It did keep my attention, though, right through. Which is why it will probably be made into a movie!

Jan 22, 2018

Fun and ridiculous. Exactly what I ordered. I do really enjoy the bits of history and science splattered about these cartoonish adventures. I find myself googling images and looking up all sorts of fascinating things as I read Brown's books. However, in this one, the big reveal at the end, the discovery that Brown promised us would cause the collapse of all the world's religions and stun mankind was, well, not astonishing at all. The world's religions will all be quite fine at the end of all this silliness and we readers are left to question what all the fuss was about. I was entertained, though. Mission accomplished.

RobertELPL Jan 12, 2018

Unfortunately after reading Brown's 5th book, I still stand by "Angels & Demon's" and "The Da Vinci Code" being my two favorite Robert Langdon books. The book seemed to both drag in parts and yet have a plot that went by fast...I don't know how. A couple of the twists I figured out early on and the climax was a bit of a let down. Also, I initially liked this series because of it's focus on puzzles and symbology since that is Langdon's profession. This book didn't really have a lot of that and what it did seemed forced. A bit of a letdown.

This book is not one of his best works.
I found the plot dragged on and the ending wasn't as exciting (almost anticlimactic) as his other books. The "big secret" that Kirch was preparing to present to the world wasn't thought provoking at all.

Jan 08, 2018

Robert Langdon returns yet again in another art, architecture, and deep dark secrets preposterous plot novel by Dan Brown, this time set largely in Spain and playing around with the notion of where life began and where it's all going. The usual elements are all there: art history, philosophy, tech fascination, science versus religion, relentless henchmen, misunderstandings with the authorities, Langdon on the run with a beautiful woman in beautiful locations, and more than a few plotholes big enough to push the Guggenheim through.

Jan 03, 2018

Although Brown follows the same prescription of moderate, galvanizing action I loved the facts he included with his fiction. The museum air filtered meticulously of air particulates and oxidants then moistened.....The authors input on the future of evolving technology is interesting as well as the usual architecture of the locale. Edmond Kirsch was attempting to solve the mysteries of creation and destiny and we wait, a long time, to find out. I feel Brown brought us into a more forward thinking story than his others and found it an enjoyable read.

Dec 29, 2017

Always enjoy the ideeas that Dan Brown books debate. Each is a combination of travel, philosophy and murder-mistery book. This one as well.

AL_LESLEY Dec 10, 2017

I think that Robert Langdon is such a darn nice guy it's hard not to want to know what he's up to! During fast paced conflicts and imminent danger Langdon can always take the time to educate everyone around him about art and history. Fun.

Dec 10, 2017

Ok not one of his best but I like the fun fact "All art, architecture, locations, science, and religious organizations in this novel are real." Its what make his book so fun to read. This one set most in Barcelona, it is worth googling the architectural wonders to see what he is taling about.

Nov 20, 2017

I'm taking Dan off my authors to read list. This is the second one I've left unfinished (the third in the series), and didn't even bother to try the fourth. Clearly he's not evolving as a writer. His characters are lifeless, his plots are adrift, and on the whole his writing lacks substance. I loved the first two, but he's become a hack.

Nov 20, 2017

was looking forward to another fast paced Robert Langdon book as the previous ones. this one is not like that. I actually had to push myself to the end of this one. although the purpose of this story is finally revealed at the end and is very thought provoking, it seemed like a very long slow road to get there. as a whole was disappointed in this book.

Nov 19, 2017

A thought-provoking, call-to-action thriller that follows Dan Brown's now-familiar formula (science vs. religion).

Nov 18, 2017

I bought this book without knowing anything about it as I think Dan Brown is a very talented author and the research for his books is unmatched. I was strongly hoping for something besides another Robert Langdon book - he has a couple others outside of the series are quite good.

This book definitely falls into the same story arch as the other books in the series, especially Inferno. But that being said it is still a great read with an intriguing underlying concept.

On a side note, I hope they find someone other than Tom Hanks to play Langdon in the movie. He is amazing - but just not what I think of for this character.

Jlderdall Nov 18, 2017

This one drags a bit. I skipped a couple of disks, and didn't feel like I really missed anything.

Nov 13, 2017

A very slow book at the beginning, middle and for most of the end. Mr Brown loved describing locations in detail while letting his story drag along.

I have enjoyed his other books but this one was almost not worth finishing.

Nov 13, 2017

Typical Dan Brown story line. Beautiful girl,religious and government subterfuge, hero and friend on the run. Still it was his usually exciting good read.

Nov 11, 2017

Docent author Brown/Langdon took us on another adventurous road trip through Spain and Budapest while offering the modernistic view on the origin of man. An exceptional stimulating read thanks to his years of meticulous research in writing this novel. From the epilogue:
Over the past four years, a wide array of scientists, historians, curators, religious scholars, and organizations generously offered assistance as I researched this novel. Words cannot begin to express my appreciation to all of them for their generosity and openness in sharing their expertise and insight.

Nov 09, 2017

Okay, author Dan Brown’s writing may never win critical acclaim, his characters are not well-developed, and his plots don’t always make a lot of sense, but his books can be darn entertaining. ORIGIN is not his best (in my opinion ANGELS AND DEMONS belongs at the top), however Brown does incorporate relevant subjects and hot topics from today’s news into the plot line. I consider Brown’s books as glorified travelogues and ORIGIN does not disappoint. Keep your iPhone or iPad handy as you read so you can look up all the fascinating locations and attractions featured in his stories… my bucket list of “places to visit” just got longer. So suspend belief for a while, grab a bowl of popcorn, dive into ORIGIN, and enjoy the ride.

Nov 07, 2017

Origin is an attempt at answering the questions "Where did we come from and where are we going?" So is this book fiction, faction, thriller, or Sci-fi? I would have to say all of the above. Dan Brown's Professor Langdon once more is caught in the middle of an intriguing plot and sets out to solve Edmond Kirsch's puzzle and yes as always with a pretty woman in tow. Will religion triumph or science? We don't find out till the end and it's worth reading to find out.

Nov 06, 2017

Remember when Arthur Fonzarelli jumped over a shark tank on his motorcycle? My ex-wives are more interesting than this sort of contractually obligated, time wasting, unoriginal balderdash. The reality TV star/commander in Chief has more depth than this piece. Speaking of the end of the world as we know it. This story was better the first time when it was called Robopocalypse. Pardon my French but what the fish was that? I'm so fishing angry right now that I broke my own policy regarding spoilers in reviews. Dan Brown, you can take your royalty check and shove it up your jacksie because you sir are dead to me now.

Nov 05, 2017

If any of you are Indiana Jones fans and you were left utterly disappointed in the last movie, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull....yeh, it's the same eyerolling disappointment here. Slow moving at the beginning, cookie cutter middle and I was literally left with an "are you kidding me?!?!" feeling by the end. This series just keeps going downhill.

Nov 03, 2017

The pace of the story and the balance of historical details were good - better than Inferno, which I thought wasn't particularly good. However, I thought the Ambra Vidal character was so flat. She was supposed to be intelligent, cultured, and a strong woman. I found her to merely be the attractive woman placeholder next to Langdon. She didn't add much to the story at all. Also, the last 100 or so pages of the book were exasperating. I didn't want to read Edmond Kirsch's presentation from start to finish. And then the narrative got all preachy. But in the last five pages, the author tried to turn the tide.
I just don't know. I thought Dan Brown's earlier books were much better. Either he's changed or I have - I'm not sure!

Nov 01, 2017

Very disappointed in this book. I had expected so much more from Dan Brown. I loved his other books. This book however was a different mattrr. Architectural descriptions went on and on. They were interesting to a point but then started to get very boring. At page 230 it looked like it might begin to get interesting, but I was quickly disappointed. I kept waiting for the story to begin and almost quit reading it at a few points. Then began the Scientific explanations. Definitely not interested. If you’re really into Gaudi’s architecture and science topics you might like this.

Oct 28, 2017

" We are now perched on a strange cusp of history, a time when the world feels like it's been turned upside down, and nothing is quite as we imagined. But uncertainty is always precursor to sweeping change; transformation is always preceded by upheaval and fear. I urge you to place your faith in the human capacity for creativity and love, because, these two forces when combined, posses the power to illuminate any darkness."
" The price of greatness ....is responsibility."

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