Into the Water

Into the Water

Book - 2017
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Aug 27, 2018

The book was a little disappointing. It went back and forth from first person to third person and in the beginning I had no idea who was talking about what. Lots of characters and not all that exciting. Predictable ending.

Aug 12, 2018

Too many characters, not nearly as much suspense as Girl in the Train

Jul 29, 2018

INTO THE WATER may not be everyone’s “cup of tea”, but I have to admit British author Paula Hawkins has a real talent for keeping the reader off-balance with her twisty-turny plots. Although I didn’t find this novel as engrossing as her bestseller, THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN, it did grab me. Warning: the story is told from many viewpoints and involves a large cast of rather unlikable characters, but a handy list is provided at the beginning of the book which helps keep track of who’s who. With a sinister/creepy setting, suggestions of witchcraft/mysteries, and short chapters it was the perfect escapist read to take with me on my recent vacation.

Jul 07, 2018

Reminded me, somehow, Twin Peaks.
Legends, urban myths and real life.
There are unfinished moments of the plot.

May 20, 2018

Sometimes people have one really good novel in them. If that is true of Ms Hawkins, it would have been The Girl on the Train. Hopefully that is not the case and Into the Water just represents a misstep, with its author feeling too much pressure to duplicate the mega-success of her first novel. Because this sophomore effort is pretty underwhelming.

May 05, 2018

I was a little disappointed by Paula Hawkins' second book "Into the Water". It had a lot of potential, and I kept on waiting for twists in the plot. Unfortunately, the storyline was pretty predictable. However, I will eagerly await for her to release another book, as I really did enjoy "Girl on the Train".

Apr 29, 2018

Better as a book on CD. Narrator did a good job of changing voices which made it easier to track the characters. Still had to back up a couple of times to catch the time shifts. Overall, an interesting story.

Apr 06, 2018

Yes there are many characters but I thought the plot was better developed than Girl on a Train. I liked reading this book and would recommend it for a quick holiday read.

Feb 23, 2018

As many other commenters have mentioned, too many characters, it didn't really grasp me like Girl on a Train. A week on from reading and I don't even remember what happened. A bit disappointing.

Feb 18, 2018

I had a hard time getting through this book because there were so many characters (11?). Author Paula Hawkins had a great story line but it just got lost among the multiple characters, the confusion of jumping around with different characters and timelines, the story dragging, etc. I think if it was not because of her bestseller book ("The Girl on the Train"), this wouldn't have gotten so much attention from her readers. Very disappointing--this could've been a really good book but it fell short.

Feb 14, 2018

I struggled to read this book and did in fact give up half way through. There were too many characters which made it confusing and convoluted

Feb 03, 2018

I understand some of the comments, there are a lot of characters, but they do all make sense in the end. enjoyed it, however, not as good as Girl on the Train

Jan 14, 2018

I have to give credit when it is due and Paul Hawkins definitely knows how to pen a good thriller. Although I didn't quite enjoy Into The Water as much as I enjoyed The Girl On The Train (mostly because the former was written from the perspective of way too many characters), I still think that it's a novel worth reading. Paula Hawkins is a really good storyteller and she has definitely made a fan out of me. I'm looking forward to reading future books by her.

Jan 13, 2018

Too many characters. Difficult to follow the story-line as a character may disappear and reappear again much later and you have forgotten who they are!

Jan 13, 2018

This was a decent 'who done it'. It has an interesting writing style, where the narrative moves from the perspectives of each of the characters. I found it difficult to get into as I needed to go back to identify the previous story for each character. I should have made a list of the main characters with a short bio.

Jan 12, 2018

0 stars - awful - couldn't get past page 81, had to give up. The story kept going back and forth to different characters, and I had to keep going to the beginning to try and figure out who was who. By that time I forgot the story.....

Jan 08, 2018

By the time I had finished this dark, depressing read I was ready to jump into the Drowning Pool myself. I agree with other reviewers that the ending was REALLY unsatisfactory. This book was a major disappointment after The Girl on the Train (which resulted in a good movie as well). Sometimes authors only have one bestseller in them!

Dec 12, 2017

I really wanted to like this book as I found The Girl on the Train a very riveting read. It was really hard to follow. I actually had to keep notes on who each character was and their relation to each other. I couldn't finish it. If you're expecting the same gripping storytelling as her first novel, you will be disappointed.

Dec 10, 2017

From start to finish, this book led its readers through a confusing labyrinth of mystery and suspense. In the beginning, I found it a bit hard to keep up because of the complex number of characters, and how they related. I was able to start grasping at them halfway through, and it helped that the text was in different fonts for a certain few. Maybe it's just me, but I found the ending to be a bit predictable. Based on the theme of selflessness, I knew there would be more to it than what was given before the final mystery was solved. Sometimes, the truth may be for the best, but somehow still hurt more than lies.
- @Siri of The Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board

Dec 02, 2017

Too many characters that weren't needed. It ruined the story. I couldn't finish it.

Nov 18, 2017

My major complaint is the number of characters and no real hooks to picture them. I was confused for a long time as to the relationships of them all, until I realized I was reading two, or three stories in one. I think Hawkins tried to do too much and chose a literary form - switching from one point of view to another - without much of a sense of logical flow. All are headed with the character's name, thankfully, but with some having a date attached and others none I got confused again about the timeline. Also there is a lot of repetition of the same conversations/thoughts that I found too redundant and not expressive enough to really keep me interested and sympathetic. The ending might be intended as a surprise twist but I found it a little contrived from the hints given earlier in the book. I did give it a medium rating only because I liked Jules. If you have a long to-read list, I would suggest skipping this one.

Nov 08, 2017

previous reviewers have not gotten the point of this novel. This is not a murder mystery but a timely look at misogyny in our time.

VaughanPLDonnalee Nov 05, 2017

Overall I found this pretty disappointing. I had found The Girl on the Train to be a decent page-turner. This one was pretty tepid. The central mystery itself was mildly OK. The biggest problem for was I didn't really like or care about any of the characters. They were all a pretty dismal lot. I found this one dreary overall.

dustbunny53 Oct 31, 2017

I first tried to listen to this title as an audio book and gave up on it because it was too difficult to follow. At the recommendation of a friend, I tried it again in book format, which worked much better for me. It got very interesting half way through, but I found the last part of the book very unsatisfactory.

VaughanPLDavidB Oct 31, 2017

The author has taken what should have been a solid mystery story and turned it into a diatribe saturated with misandry (pun intended). There isn't one decent male character in this book, only caricatures to despise. Patrick, the arrogant, abusive and judgmental patriarch. Shaun, the weak and self-deceiving son. Mark, self-indulgent and self-pitying and undeserving of mercy. Robbie, the popular and athletic high school jock who simply took what he wanted, now gone to seed. The only male character who was spared was Josh who was too young even for this author to denigrate. There were other male characters in the background, but they too were either deeply flawed or entirely voiceless.

On the other side were the more numerous female characters who were unfailingly portrayed as either heroic or properly deserving of sympathy. This "caricaturization" of her characters coupled with her dabbling with psychic phenomena make this a poor follow-up to the author's first novel, The Girl on the Train.

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