After Anna

After Anna

Book - 2018
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Apr 24, 2019

I loved the book, could not put it down!

Apr 01, 2019

'After Anna' is a very different psychological drama from Lisa Scottoline.

The timeline of the book is written backwards from the husbands point of view and forward from the wife's. That worked well.

However, and it's a great big HOWEVER, the dialog, especially that of the wife, her best friend and the daughter left me cold. It's juvenile and stilted. I don't understand how an educated Lisa Scottoline surrounded by educated people could possible think an adult would speak in such a sophomoric way, even a woman such as the wife who was trying so desperately to ingratiate herself with her daughter. I kept yelling at the pages, "Grow up lady! You're an adult!"

The story, working to where the two timelines finally meet is quite interesting, but then out of nowhere comes this convenient ending so utterly ridiculous it left me a bit angry.

For some reason I had been putting off reading 'After Anna' for months. I had gotten it from the library (repeatedly!) because, Lisa Scottoline!, but kept passing it over in favor of other books. I really couldn't explain to myself why. I should have followed my instinct and let it go.

3 stars and hoping for better from Lisa Scottoline who has never before disappointed.

Feb 11, 2019

This was a fast and enjoyable read. I found Maggie, the mother, to be a little gullible always believing Anna, her daughter over what her husband was telling her. The ending was somewhat abrupt and a little unbelievable considering the trauma the family unit experienced.

Feb 02, 2019

Well, now that I've read the review section - From the Critics - I have no need to read the book. it's all in there. I would have appreciated a spoiler alert before I started reading them.

Jan 30, 2019

Didn't really care for this book at all. It did have a good plot twist but ending was pretty unbelievable. Not my favorite. I would give it a pass.

Sep 07, 2018

The tone of this book was strange, the dialogue was a little juvenile, and the characters fell flat for me. Also, the author uses a lot of exclamation points! The whole first half of the book had sentences like this!

The plot twists were fun, but I feel like the ending was rushed. It was a fun beach read but also far-fetched and over-the-top. This was my first time reading anything written by this author, but I think I'll pass if they're anything like this.

ArapahoeDianeM Aug 18, 2018

Another great mystery thriller from Lisa Scottoline -- from start to finish. A mother finds her daughter after seventeen years (long back story) -- and brings her home to her family --- a new husband of only two years and his ten year old son. Maggie, the Mom, is so very excited to have her daughter back, that she ignores the "little signs" of strange behavior from her daughter, Anna. A lot of drama leads to Noah, the husband, moving out of the family home and then Anna is found dead. Noah is accused of the murder and things go from bad to worse. There are a lot of twists and turns and the ending is very fast paced. What a great read.

Aug 12, 2018

Not as good as many of Lisa's books, but I still enjoyed it and had a hard time putting it down. I especially liked the courtroom scenes and reading how those convicted of crimes can be made to look undeniably guilty.

Aug 12, 2018

Mostly I love her books and this started out good but then it took some weird they would really let someone tag along on a swat raid? And i've never been in the back of a squad car, but I thought the doors don't open from the inside. She just let herself out in the middle of the gunfire.

Aug 10, 2018

I was disappointed in this book. I found the characters to be very naive. But if you want to read it, hang in there, the story improves about 3/4 of the way through the book.

Aug 06, 2018

When I first began to read Lisa Scottoline's novels, they were well written. This novel, After Anna, appears to have scraped bottom.

It is over 600 pages long and filled with repetitive and confusing dialog. The characters behave strangely and even the structure is odd.

On a scale of 1-10, I give it a 2 - and that is based on an ending that has a redemptive storyline.

Aug 03, 2018

Long lost teen daughter Anna is reunited with her mother Maggie...Maggie's husband Noah
welcomes Anna his stepdaughter with open big happy family until suspicion and
doubt overtakes the family....I didn't find the ending believable

Jul 10, 2018

Predictable. I figured most of it out early on...

Jul 09, 2018

I have read a good majority of her books which I found very good....but I have to say that this one I was very had it's moments (very few) but overall I'm glad I didn't buy it.

ArapahoePLaurel Jul 06, 2018

I love Lisa Scottoline. I have read and recommended all of her books. But this one just fell a little flat for me. I feel the ending was rushed. It was like this is who do it and this is what happened the end. Done. I still enjoyed it but was a little disappointed.

Jul 06, 2018

I really enjoyed this novel. It is true that some things are left unresolved and that always leaves a nagging feeling. However it was interesting to read a plot that seemed very unlikely and still was made believable by the author. She rounded each character really well and kept it consistent throughout the story. The end did feel a bit rushed, though. I would have liked to understand how the protagonists reconcile and the psychological traumas caused by the unimaginable situation. Still, an enthralling novel that kept me glued from start to end.

Jul 01, 2018

From a writer I have previously like, this book is literally unreadable. The story line is absurd and unbelievable, the characters just horrible in the sense that you couldn't care less. I got half way in, and felt like I needed a shower they were all so stupid and mushmouthed. Seriously, give this pulp nightmare a miss. And, Lisa, if you wrote this, shame on you. What a piece of crap.

Jun 19, 2018

Not as a good as some of Lisa Scottoline's other books.

Jun 17, 2018

I liked the book and the characters. However, I had just finished "Sometimes I Lie" when I read this book and the ending is definitely not on par with that book, so it was a bit of a disappointment. Everything wrapped a little too quickly...a little too predictably. I agree with another reviewer in that it is pretty unbelievable to think they are going to let a distraught mother come along on a SWAT bust. Despite the disappointing ending, I did like the book and the style the author used to tell the story.

Jun 14, 2018

Another good stand-alone from Scottoline. I like her tendency lately to include a man as a main character. This story is about a woman, Maggie, reuniting with the 17-year-old daughter she has not seen since infancy. It's told in alternating chapters by Maggie and her husband Noah. The back and forth really ratchets up the tension as you know it's leading to a big event. It's almost too much but mercifully the chapters are very short. When the big event hits during a snowstorm it's the usual ridiculous, action-y stuff that would never happen. I'm sure moms don't get to come along on SWAT operations. Great, funny interactions between Maggie and her girlfriend, a cute stepson and a happy ending. What could be better?

Jun 10, 2018

Loved this book. Kept me guessing until the end.

Jun 01, 2018

I loved this book as I do all of this author's books. This one kept me "glued" because I knew it had to have a different ending. I thought I knew the "twist', however, I was so wrong. Totally enjoyable and intense read!!!!

May 30, 2018

Another one of Lisa's wonderful novels. Have read them all and can not say I have found one I did not enjoy. One of the books that you can not put down. Family drama, love, son, Mother & daughter and husband. I was surprised at the ending - thought it might have been something different. May 2018

peggy_15 May 12, 2018

To quote USAF1969 " My one criticism is one that I have expressed in multiple reviews of multiple books by multiple authors. That is, really great story lines that are then rushed to very short endings that leave lots of loose ends (mostly minor). For example in this case, what happened to all those millions of dollars? I still wonder if these "quickie" endings aren't a function of announcing new books and delivery dates many, many months in advance and then publishers/PR folks pushing authors into artificially ending the book quickly to "meet the deadline." I am willing to wait if a deadline is missed."

May 02, 2018

This book kept me basically glued to it, and it's the first one I read by Lisa Scottoline. I liked how the story evolved in two different points of view, each with its own details and twists, overlapping at some points which made it very nice to see the whole picture, yet not giving away important details and keeping the thrill full speed. It's like I was watching a movie but better! You will not see the end twists coming at you like a snow avalanche, and this will keep you turning pages like there's no tomorrow. Definitely my new favorite author.

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