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Mar 15, 2019

Technically well-made but overdone and preposterous action flick. I observed it through to the end but never suspended disbelief. Checked this out on the basis of director Joe Wright who did Atonement, and it sort of left me shaking my head. Cate Blanchett as a cold government assassin was as ridiculous and unbelievable as the rest of the movie. I was anxious and grateful for the end, only to be tricked by a false ending that was as typically overwrought and preposterous as the rest. Still, I guess some who like action flicks for their own sake and are willing to buy into whatever the plot is may like it. Going to the library doesn't automatically make people smart.

Mar 07, 2019

I like strong, female characters. Lots of running, guns and kicking.

LPL_KevinC Mar 04, 2019

Everyone involved buys into this wacky movie and that's why it works so well.

Jun 07, 2018

Merenwen’s May 09, 2018 review on the 2018 “Lady Bird” said “Fairly good acting, but I don't think it was Ronan's best. (My favourite role of hers was in Hanna, with How I Live Now being a close second.)” Noted that I rated Hanna 4/5 stars on Dec 19, 2011. Decided to watch it again for good measure. Felt that Ronan’s performance in Hanna was indeed excellent but impossible to compare with her LB role because they were very different films. Anyway, a very good action conspiracy story with Ronan's breakthru acting and wonderful cinematography in exotic locations. Don’t miss the short clip of “Alternate Ending” in “Deleted Scenes”.

Note: My 2011 comment was “A young teen was raised in isolation to hide and trained in "feme fatale skills". She re-entered civilization to face those CIA operatives who failed to terminate her as a baby girl.”

Jan 30, 2018

OK. Was left wondering if they were planning a sequel.

Dec 29, 2017

I saw this in 2011 when it was released and thought it was pretty good. This time I watch it and notice all the gaping holes in the plot. Like all the Jason Bourne movies. But still, entertaining and worth watching. It's not a bad movie, just geared towards a younger audience than myself.

I had never heard of Saoirse Ronan before recently, but this is one of her earlier works. I loved her in Lady Bird and her acting ability really stands out in this when she was just a teen.

Feb 06, 2017

I wasn't expecting much from this movie, but I was VERY pleasantly surprised. Once again, Saoirse Ronan delivers.

Oct 07, 2016

Watched this Oct 1 2016, enjoyed it, but I was left a little confused at the end. The scenery was breathtaking, but watch out if you are a bit squeamish, a bit gory in parts!

Apr 02, 2016

A great thriller. Just brilliant.

Mar 15, 2016

Refreshing entertaining young female kicks-butt movie. Saoirse Ronan did a very good job. Eric Bana & Cate Blanchett were well casted in their supporting roles as well.

Mar 01, 2016

Fifty minutes through Hanna, I asked myself, who are these two lead actresses? Stupid me, really! One was Cate Blanchett, and for some reason I did not recognize her. Blanchett was playing some kind of secret agent in cahoots with people that went around hunting people down and killing them for some unknown reason. The other actress was Saoirse Ronan, somebody I had seen only a few times. This is a very good thriller! A bit sci-fi, so just go along with what is going on and you will enjoy.

Dec 31, 2015

Very slow paced. It was obvious that the family was going to die I couldn't even get attached to them. Which was sad because they brought the most life to the film. Hanna could have been cool instead she came across as an alien creature. Too many coincidences to be suspenseful. It was so determined to be "avante guard" and mysterious. Instead you just are left waiting for something to happen to move the story along. The biggest fault I had with the movie was the fact that she left the family to die. It was super obvious that if she had killed the three guys following her no one else would know where she was or where she was going. Plus because she had so easily killed the soldiers before, you can't argue that she was bothered by killing or couldn't. Then when she didn't kill Marrissa in the upstairs and just ran away made triple no sense.

Sep 21, 2015

was slow in the beginning...almost did not watch it..but was ok..seemed to go on and on.

Dec 18, 2014

Pretty disappointing movie. Very slow throughout most of it. Not recommended.

Dec 15, 2014

The only reason I can come up with for Cate Blanchette being in such a sticker of a movie is that she must of killed someone and is being blackmailed.
And believe me, that is a more plausible story than Hanna.

harrybrowne Sep 24, 2014

A complete and utter waste of talent Like Eric Bana and Cate Blanchett (who is hideous here). Pretentious directing, choppy editing, cringe-inducing dialogue, headache-inducing music. Ugh.

One star for the wall graffiti that says: " One Nation Under CCTV."

moviedame Aug 14, 2014

Great movie. The fight scenes are well worth the wait. The plot could have unfolded more clearly; like how the secret CIA baby program worked. However, Bana and Ronan nailed their performances. Blanchet was genius. 4 stars

d2013 Jan 06, 2014

Not as good as I thought it would be. For me, it was just so-so.

Dec 29, 2013

I enjoyed this movie in spite of its bizarre tone and twisty-turny plot toward the end. I liked the interactions between Hanna and the British family she meets on her travels, I felt that part was given short shrift. Eric Bana and Cate Blanchett made the most of what little was given them to do. On the whole, a good movie that teases at how it might have been great were a few different choices made.

hania4987 Dec 11, 2013

disturbing, odd action fantasy ... the story does not make any sense, it's very slow but the action has a video game quality to it. Cate Blanchett is completely wasted in this role.

Sep 03, 2013

Very well done. Blanchette is incredibly cold and calculating. Saoirse Ronan is excellent as Hanna. It definitely keeps your attention!

Aug 26, 2013

It is an interesting story.. It is not realistic, of course, but enjoyable..as a movie.. It has some violent scenes..which can be shocking... Do listen to the Director's commentary.. really worth it..

Aug 08, 2013

Hanna starts out very slow in the beginning and as soon as the action actually starts, the movie is already over.

Jul 13, 2013

Not a bad action movie, make sure to turn off your brain. Takes a while for the movie to let on what is going on. Action scenes are just over the top at times.

May 30, 2013

great love this movie best movie ever

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