In this book, the main character is Tip (Princess Ozma). Tip ran away from Mombi and wanted to go to the Emerald City. He did for a little while but ran away again from Captain Jin Jur.
Tip runs away with Jack Pumpkinhead who is his creation and the powder of life which Mombi used to make Jack alive.
On their way there they brought a saw horse to life and used him to help them. They went Emerald City for a brief while because Captain Jin Jur and her army of girls with knitting needles took over the Emerald City. Tip, Jack, the scarecrow, and saw horse all escaped. They went and got help from the tin wood man and H.M. Wogglebug, T.E. They got recaptured and escaped again, but had nowhere to go.
They went to Glinda the Good for help and they figured out there was a missing proncess of Oz and only Mombi knew where she was. So, they went to Emerald City and brought Glinda's army with them. They captured Mombi and she said she transformed Princess Ozma into Tip! She brings her back to normak and now she rules Oz.
I think this book is interesting because of all the adventure and magic. I recommend that you read this book.

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