Having himself graduated from West Point, Jack Reacher understands just what it takes to earn the right to buy a class ring there. It's not something that you part with on a whim. So when he sees one in a Wisconsin pawn shop window, small, female, he buys it and sets out to locate the original owner.

A former military policeman turned drifter, Reacher uses his investigative skills and resourcefulness, soon finding himself in Wyoming, working alongside not only a highly priced private investigator who specializes in missing persons, but also the woman paying the PI. A competent Sioux Falls detective and a Denver-based DEA agent also have a vested interest in Reacher's search.

While I would have enjoyed a little more violence - Reacher does dish out a bit of his personal brand of persuasion, but it seemed like less than normal - I found the "detective " aspect fun as Reacher works his way towards a woman who really doesn't want to be found.

Personally, I really liked this one.

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