Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions DVD - 2017

I really liked this movie. The characters all got redesigned and Yugi was tall! 😭 The storyline is basically about the fact that Yugi believes Atem is gone forever and that they should move on with their lives even though they miss him. I liked that because if he just came back every time they were in trouble, Yugi still wouldn't be living his own life. The usual gang talk about what they're doing with their lives after school and they ultimately graduate at the end which made me sad. Compared to other original Yu-Gi-Oh! shows/movies, this one seemed more on the adult side to appease the older generation of Yu-Gi-Oh! fans. There was more plot development and less dueling which was really good and the monsters were 3D the whole time and the animation was so good. It was an all around good movie but kinda on the long side, I highly recommend watching it.

adrinette's rating:
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