“When I was a kid the mines and mills were still operating. People had money. Dads worked, moms stayed home and raised the children. People went to church on Sunday. Downtown was alive and well. Then the mines and mills went belly-up and everything came tumbling down. Because it all depended on the mines and mills. They were the only reason there was a town. ”
It’s why they don’t build many fulfillment centers in or around big cities. Land and everything else is too expensive.” “Well, areas like this can certainly use the jobs,” pointed out Jamison. “Problem is, we can’t fill all our positions.” “Why not?” asked Jamison. “You’d think people would be banging down the door to get jobs there.” “They are. But they can’t pass a drug test,” said Frank. “We’re starting to recruit from other parts of the state, and even across the border in Ohio.”

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