This book was absorbing and fascinating. If you like books with interesting plots, you will like this book; there are many twists and turns. Just when you think you have figured something out, you find out you are wrong.

Warning: the book opens with a very annoying Congressional hearing. I did NOT want to hear that crap after living through the appalling hearings in the past few weeks. My spouse assured me that was just the first chapter, and that was true. It is a real page turner; it will definitely keep your interest, and you will keep reading to see what happens next!

The most interesting thing about this book is how things work behind the scenes in the White House with the Vice President, White House staff, and Secret Service. I think Bill Clinton brought a lot to this book. James Patterson writes a lot of thrillers, but he could not have known all this inside information.

I do not want to spoil the plot, but there is something terrible threatening our country, and the President and a few trusted advisors have to try to figure out how to stop it. The scary threat is surprisingly plausible, which makes this a real thriller.

In this book, the President and his staff are intelligent, competent and ethical. He and nearly everyone on his team really care about the country. These people put the interests of the country ahead of their own personal and political interests. Reading this book, I felt that these people gave us the best shot to solve the problem and save the country. But I could not help thinking what a different story this would be if such a threat had occurred during the current administration. I am sorry to say that the people running our country today are NOT intelligent, competent and ethical, and I do not trust them to put the interests of our country ahead of their own interests. I hope and pray that our nation will not face a serious threat while these people are in charge. (PLEASE VOTE ON NOVEMBER 6!!)

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