Competent enough, but extremely by-the-numbers. Several of the characters were stereotypical (the cocky, bad boy pilot; the kind-hearted doctor looking to prove herself), with little to make them stand out from similar types. Being a race against time story, I feel it should have had a faster pace, but it's rather slow-going, even tedious.
For me the part which really didn't work was the love story. In addition to the two being uninteresting on their own, their sudden passion is overblown and unconvincing. Aside from the fact that both were physically attractive and loners (him more than her), I didn't understand why their bond was profound enough to merit such sparks.
Not a bad book by any means-- I do admit the villains are fun and some scenes are suspenseful-- but not one I can see myself revisiting. I'd recommend it if you need something light to read during a trip.

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