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Mar 17, 2019DW_kcls rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
I believe Michael Connelly is one of the very best 'detective' writers out there today. His characters (especially Harry Bosch) have a depth that is unequaled by other 'famous writers' and characters. More famous does not equal best. Two Kinds of Truth does not disappoint. Another member asked if the previous Harry Bosch books should be read. My opinion is yes. Harry has grown, changed, been hurt, hurt others and been disappointed all which led to where he is now in his life and career. As with any of us, his past colors his today and to really know Harry, you have to know his past. You would miss much if you started with Two Kinds of Truth, but I also don't believe you would enjoy it any less not having read the earlier books. You would just enjoy it with less ... understanding of Harry. Two Kinds of Truth is fascinating in that it really highlights the three tracks Harry is on: his professional one, looking for a killer, his public one and his personal one. To me, the most relevant quote, the defining quote of Harry Bosch throughout the scope of Harry Bosch series, appears on page 128: . . . And this knowledge gave Bosch an affirming jolt of adrenaline and purpose. He knew there were two kinds of truth in this world. The truth that was the unalterable bedrock of one's life and mission. And the other, malleable truth of politicians, charlatans, corrupt lawyers, and their clients, bent and molded to serve whatever purpose was at hand.